17 Best Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair 2024

best deep conditioners for natural women

Unlike straight hair, natural, coily hair needs moisture to maintain curl definition. For this, you need to use the best deep conditioners for natural hair.

Also, you need to consider all the external factors that cause your hair to wear out and get dehydrated. Such as excessive styling, hair straightening, pollution, etc.

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Found your curls dull and dry? It is in times like this that a deep conditioner comes in handy.

Not only does it keep your hair strands intact it also gives your texture moisture and a smooth feel.

There are so many deep conditioners for natural hair out there for all scalp types (oily, dry, sensitive, etc. ) that you can find and swear by.

In this article, I've listed out some of the best deep conditioners for natural hair.

Best Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair Best For Chief ingredients
SheaMoisture Raw Shea butter deep conditioner Type 4c natural hair Argan Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Sea Kelp Extract, Panthenol (Vitamin B-5)
Biolage deep conditioner for natural hair Type 4a and 4b natural hair Sunflower Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax 
Aussie deep conditioner Dry natural hair Aloe Vera, Ecklonia Radiata Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Coconut Oil
Camille rose lavender deep conditioner for natural hair Frizzy natural hair Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, SheaButter,
Mielle deep conditioner Babassu Seed Oil, Chamomile, Aloe Vera
Neutrogena deep conditioner Damaged natural hair Sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil
Kinky curly knot deep conditioners Oily natural hair Organic mango extract, Slippery elm, Marshmallow root, Lemongrass
Coco and eve deep conditioner Color treated hair Coconut Fruit Extract, Glycerin, Fig Fruit Extract, Shea Butter
Cantu deep conditioner for women Sensitive scalps Shea Butter, Lactic Acid, Panthenol,
Briogeo deep conditioner for natural hair Thinning hair Rosehip oil, Algae extract, Almond oil, B-Vitamins

Top Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair 2021

#1 - Briogeo deep conditioner for natural hair

best deep conditioners for natural hair

Briogeo’s deep conditioner is a remedy that is so effective that testimonies prove that it works in a span of only days.

It works its magic through damaged, coloured, rebonded, and relaxed hair. It is a combination of different oils and nutrients which seep through the strands of hair making it stronger and smoother than ever.

The packaging is big and can last for at least two months. It is free of sulfates so it is super good on the hair strands. 

Best for: Rough, coloured hair.


  • Shea butter has soothing and anti-aging properties that may make skin appear smoothe
  • Makes the hair bouncy and manageable.
  • Great product for curly hair.


  • Appears to make the hair dry and coarse
  • Sensitive skins must avoid usage.

#2 - Cantu deep conditioner for women 

hydrating Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair

Cantu is a well-known brand when it comes to providing the best products for hair.

This deep moisturizer is one of the best deep conditioners for African American hair as it has the capacity to smoothen out thick and coarse hair.

Shea butter is the prime ingredient for the hair mask as it has the properties of smoothing out hair and making it seamless. The price of the products is also worth it as the quantity is large and can be used according to the hair type.

Best for 

African american hair


  • The product definitely smells decent.
  • Reduces the frizz in a short time.


  • Sometimes the product causes hair breakages.
  • Hair appears to be hard after usage and left tangled.

#3 - SheaMoisture Raw shea butter deep conditioner for women

damage repair Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair

The raw shea moisturising deep conditioner is exactly what you need for a good hair day.

This heals damaged and processed  hair and helps it retain moisture in the fastest way.

Shea butter is a great agent in helping skin and hair attain moisture and helps it be hydrated for a long time.

The price is super reasonable and comes in a big jar. 

Best for 

Coarse, rough hair.


  • Shea butter has soothing and anti-aging properties that may make skin appear smoother and reduce aging.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties might also help reduce redness and scalp irritation by providing healing.


  • Pure shea butter on your face could lead to breakouts.  
  • Some products that just contain a smaller percentage of shea butter may lead to acne.

#4 - It's a 10 hair care deep conditioner

Deep Conditioners For dry Natural Hair

This is the best deep conditioner for hair that has been ripped off of its keratin.

Hair without keratin is dead and may end up looking dull and lifeless.

This deep conditioner helps to replace those cells and gives you back the shine and lushness that your hair needs.

It also protects the hair from the harmful rays of the sun and keeps colour intact. 

Best for 

Color treated hair


  • Helps to rebuild damaged hair at the cellular level. 
  • It makes your hair beautifully smooth, strong and resilient to damage.


  • It has loads of chemicals.

#5 - Biolage deep conditioner for natural hair

Deep Conditioners For Damaged Hair

Biolage deep conditioner is one of the most effective and bought products for fine hair.

This has the ability to smoothen out the ends and the entire strand with just one wash.

Not only are you left with silky smooth hair but your hair strands remain intact. With this deep conditioner there is no place for hair fall.

Given all these attributes, the price of the product may be a little higher but we assure you that once purchased and used, you will not go back. 

Best for 

Fine hair


  • Offers high-performance in long term., 
  • Provides complete professional-quality product.


  • The conditioner sometimes weighed the hair down and made it feel gross and dry.
  • Also turns to make the hair look oily in the end after use

#6 - Aussie deep conditioner

Another top recommendation for damaged hair. Aussie deep conditioner works wonders on different types of damaged hair.

It does not matter if you have worn out your hair due to colour, weather or heat, this deep conditioner has got your back.

With the right amount of conditioner and an appropriate amount of conditioner your hair will get back to normal. A special mention to its aromatic smell of fruits and citrus.

Best for 

Relaxed hair


  • Makes dreary hair shiner.
  • Not Time consuming gives complete protection in less than 5 minutes.


  • Availability is questionable
  • Provides a short time solution to frizz.

#7 - Camille rose lavender deep conditioner for natural hair

This sweet smelling deep conditioner is an all rounder when it comes to nourishing the hair.

This product is made up with lavender which means the smell is just dreamy.

We assure you that every bath with this deep conditioner is worth the try. The deep conditioner works on the scalp and gives a therapeutic feeling to the hair after the wash.

You can choose between the bottle and the container according to your needs. 

Best for 

Straight hair


  •  Offers increased elasticity, and an improved overall look, feel, and texture.
  • Sulfate Free, Silicon Free and Paraben Free.


  • Thick long hair that gets tangled very easily.
  • Too much usage results in hair appearing matted

#8 - tgin honey miracle deep conditioner

Tgin is one of the best brands to provide some top notch hair products. Their shampoo and conditioners are well known for their effectiveness and quality.

Using this deep conditioner for your hair will mean that your hair will retain lushness and life. It will start to look more thick and lively.

Honey is a great contributor to attaining shinier and greater looking hair. The olive oil that is present in the conditioner penetrates deep into the hair shaft and nourishes the roots allowing it to grow more efficiently. 

Best for 

Curly hair


  • Adds thickness to thinning strands
  • Promotes hair growth


  • Perfume too strong for some users

#9 - Mielle deep conditioner for natural hair

High time we had one of the products from Mielle here because who does not like this brand right!

From top quality body and skin products to hair products they have the best quality conditioners and shampoos.

It allows manageability and keeps the hair intact.

The best part is that this conditioner strengthens the hair and restores hair quickly and effectively. You will not have the fear of emptying your pocket when it comes to products from Mielle as it very cost-effective.

Best For: Wavy hair


  • Doesn't make hair greasy


  • Not very moisturizing

#10 - Macadamia masque deep conditioner for women

This Macadamia natural oil deep conditioner is mainly focused at healing damaged and dry hair and giving it more moisture and replenishing the roots as much as it can.

It has a strong combination of argan oil and macadamia oil which when blended together can be strong for the well being of the hair.

Make sure you invest in this as this is the typical hair treatment one would want for damaged hair.

Best for 

Dry hair


  • Deeply moisturizes hair
  • Leaves hair shiny
  • Repairs hair damage


  • Can leave hair greasy

#11 - Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils Fix My Hair Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque

This flaxseed mask is the ultimate solution for your natural hair. It moisturises your dry hair and gives it enough nutrients to appear shiny and healthy.

Use this mask every week and you will see splendid results in how your hair appears.

Use an appropriate shampoo with this conditioner to get the best results. It is not that expensive and stays true to its quality in every way. 

Best for: Dry hair


  • Adds shine to hair
  • Reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Strengthens damaged hair


  • None

#12 - CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask

This bluberry deep conditioner is the perfect choice for dying hair which seems like it cannot retain its health again.

The properties of this conditioner leaves the hair strands silky smooth and gives that hair a more lively texture.

It works its way into the roots of the hair and nourishes the cuticles so that your hair is healthy throughout and for a long time.

The main ingredients are chamomile, blueberry extracts and aloe vere that give multiple benefits to the hair besides the exotic scent.

Best for 

Tangled hair


  • Adds volume
  • Doesn't make hair limp
  • Nice scent
  • Detangles hair


  • Perfume might not suit sensitive scalps

#13 - Neutrogena deep conditioner for natural hair

Neutrogena is known for its super sensitive products that they have produced in the past.

This conditioner makes up for all your hair issues with its powerful three ingredient combo which is olive, sweet almond and meadowfoam.

It penetrates into the core of the scalp and makes sure it nourishes your hair cuticles and strengthens the hair from the root. 

Best for 

Wavy and curly hair


  • Reduces the dryness for the first time.
  • Makes the hair soft and light-weighted.


  • Sometimes it might be irrational in the scalp.
  • Silicon included that may not be preferable for all.

#15 - As I Am Hydration elation deep conditioners

If you have coiled curls then this deep conditioner is the best for your natural hair as it gives it the nourishment it deserves.

This deep conditioner gives your hair a healthy shine and gives your hair good volume and texture.

If your natural hair is weak then this is the perfect deep conditioner works out well for you. 

Best for 

Type 4 c hair


  • Good for African American coily hair
  • Adds shine


  • Can leave oily hair even greasier

#16 - Kinky curly knot deep conditioners

Here’s another top deep conditioner for those with curls. 

It is a natural conditioner with avocado and other essential oils that deeply hydrates your dry strands and gives you lush and smooth strands.

If you have damaged strands then this deep conditioner for natural hair works really well by bringing back and restoring your volume.


  • Leaves your hair detangled.
  • Seems to be perfect for defined curls.


  • Keeps the hair greasy.
  • Expensive from the rest of the competitors

#17 - Coco and eve deep conditioner

This deep leave in conditioner is one of our favorites from this list because it caters to all hair types.

It does not matter if you have dry or damaged hair, this leave in conditioner to restore your hair texture and give you glossier hair.

This works really well with split ends and gives you smooth and a great texture. This costs about $49 which is a bit pricey but worth the investment. 

Best for 

Extremely dry natural hair


  • Extremely hydrating and gives smoothness and shine to hair.
  • Works great for dry hair.


  • Not for all hair types.
  • Does not match the price range.

How often should natural hair be deep conditioned?

To nourish and hydrate your natural hair it has to be hydrated and deep conditioned. We suggest deep conditioning your natural hair about 2-3 times a week will suffice and keep your hair silky smooth at all times.

Deep conditioners are a must-have if you want to maintain your hair texture and health of your hair. We assure you that the above-listed products are nourishing deep conditioners for natural hair.

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